Contact Work
Contact work is our name for our "no programs, just friendships" method of hanging out with teenagers. Being a positive role model accepting teens regardless of where they are at in their life is a key indicator of this work. It is unconditional love and their faith in Jesus that motivates our leaders to build solid friendships with youth in schools, in neighbourhoods, bus stops or anywhere else youth hang out. A natural mentoring relationship develops and leaders delight in the positive influences they have with their new friends.

Orphanage Workshops
Because Young Life cares for all teenagers regardless of their lot in live, we have addressed a significant need in orphanages. This need is met through our various workshops which are designed to teach a skill to build confidence. All elements of Contact Work are employed adding a workshop element to address specific needs of teens in difficult circumstances.

Workshops include, carpentry, sports, craft, dance & music. Twice a week leaders visit orphanages to meet physical needs and build lasting and loving friendships.

Some of the characteristics of teenagers are their love for music, films, humour, fun, friendships and a search for significance. At Young Life Club we mix all these ingredients together and create an hour that inspires and engages the senses, at the end a gospel story is shared. Club is a place where everyone knows your name, and are glad you came!

Camp (watch a video)
Mix all Young Life does and put it into an adventure camp and you have a recipe for success. Teenagers who have never climbed a rock climbing wall, speed through the forest on a mountain bike, canoed the rivers, swung through the trees in a ropes course are in awe of this summer camp program. We excite teens to be the best that they can be and build them up to love the creator of life and to love others to form a community of significance.

One thing life teaches us is that there are those that follow the crowd and there are those that want to explore life's deeper questions. “Company” is simply a small group from the larger crowd who come together with their adult friend to talk about life issues. They have committed to become a member or at least explore what it means to be a member of a caring community that loves God and others.



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