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Get Involved

Short-Term experience
Want to take a year out to change your world and someone else's? Need to do something for your "gap-year" or 13th year? Need a year of adventure before you start college? Come to help establish Young Life in Belarus & Baltics and make a real difference in this exciting part of the world. We are looking for college age youth or a young family to come to Belarus or Baltic countries for 1-3 years to join our team to help expand the work of Young Life. If you are interested contact us for more information after that, "Belarus or the Baltics will be your oyster".

Committee Member
Effective committees are the lifeline for Young Life in the local area. Young Life begins in new areas because of adults - because of their love for the Lord, their love for unchurched young people and their commitment to Young Life's vision.

Young Life is sustained by adults serving on the local committee. They meet monthly and they are unseen and unknown to most of the young people they serve, but these people - that is, you - are the foundation for successful ministry in Young Life communities. Your task is to actively support your area through the empowering of staff, and strategy of caring for donors and supporters.

Like the sound of what we are doing in YoungLife Belarus & Baltics? What to make a difference from your own armchair? Get involved by becoming an advocate and help spread the news about the work we are doing by talking to interested groups. Think of people and groups you can send our material to that will help spread awarness and raise much needed prayer & financial support. This could be as easy as making one phone call a week and sending one information a week to a local church or youthgroup! Interested? Contact us for more information.

Become a partner in the ministry of Young Life in Belarus and the Baltics by becoming a financial donor. By doing so, you'll be making an investment that will impact a life-time of change.

You can increase the effectiveness of your support by helping with our fundraisng efforts, there are many different ways to spread the word and encourage others to partner with the mission. You can contact us to let us know of your willingness to help us in our fund-raising efforts, your help will multiply the work.

Each time Mark & Lera Hamilton make a trip to Australia or USA, the YoungLife Belarus and Baltics put on a fundraising dinner. The night is set to be full of fun and information, not to mention a challenge. Come along and enjoy a meal with your friends while hearing how Young Life is making an impact in Belarus & the Baltics among teenagers.

Get involved by being a table host and invite a table (up to 10) of your close friends as your way to see Young Life reach more kids.

Melbourne, Australia fundraising dinner - Tentative date: May, 2011. Venue TBA

Rochester NY, USA fundraising dinner - Tentative date: July, 2011. Venue TBA