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Terms & Conditions: 1. Enter your personal information in the upper portions of this response form. Make sure you sign your name, and include the gift amount and todays date. 2. Select whether you wish to have your gift deducted from your bank account or if you would rather use your credit card. Complete the requested information above and 3. Include: A check for your current commitment, so your giving will not be interrupted, and a void check to provide us with the requested banking information for electronic transfer.

The first transfer will take place 30-45 days after receipt of this application. If you choose electronic transfer from a savings account please state so and attach a deposit slip for that account to this form. You will receive a letter confirming your participation in Young Life's program. Each month the transfer occurs automatically and the record of giving appears on your bank account or credit card statement. Young Life will continue to send you receipts for your tax records. If at any time you wish to discontinue your giving contact YoungLife Belarus in the first instance on (585) 643-5991; or write to 214 Melrose St, Rochester NY 14619. Young Life Service Centre details (719) 381 1985; PO Box 520, Colorado Springs CO 80901-0520.

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